Dryer Repair Regina

For the best dryer repair services, trust the experts that provides quality service at low cost price!

There is no denying that technology does make our life easier and bearable. Put washing machines and dryers on the list. Most people are dependent on this modern laundry convenience. Because of it we wear fresh clean clothes every day. But the moment your dryer gives up on you, wearing fresh new clothes would take time. Without dryers it takes up too much time to dry clothes especially if you need the clothes badly in a gloomy day. If you have problems with your dryer, schedule our service today to get your dryer back in shape.

Our company dryer services repairs two kinds of dryers, the gas and electric powered. Electric dryers are the modern dryers we use today. This type of dryer cost up a little less than the gas dryer. There is no hassle for electric dryers because they are easy and less expensive to install. Electric dryers uses minimal exhaust requirements and uses steam venting only. On the other hand, gas dryers are powered by natural gas or propane that may cost you a bit compared to electric ones. A specialized venting is required that is why this appliance is very complex to use. 

Dryer Repair Regina
Dryer Repair Regina

Most dryers have common areas to fix, both electrical and gas dryers. Though classified, both dryer types are prone to damage and would be in need for repair if totally worn out. As dryer repair company, we want our customers to be knowledgeable about their appliances and how to avoid breakage. Call our trunk line number if you have noticed these signs for dryer repairs:

  • Dryer is not producing heat. This problem have various causes. It can be due to a bad fuse, thermostat, heating coils or temperature switch. If your drum is spinning but not producing heat, you better call the experts now.
  • The drum does not spin. Now your motor dryer is running smoothly but the drum does not spin. This may likely be due to a bad roller, idler pulley or a broken belt.
  • Dryer would not run. For any obvious reasons, if your dryer does not run, go to the nearest dryer repair company and have your appliance checked by the experts. This may be caused by a circuit break tripped, bad thermostat, damaged terminal block, a broken start witch or maybe simply you were not able to plug the wire. Be keen and extra careful. 

Dryer brands we commonly do service are:

  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • Frigidaire
  • LG
  • Ge

Dryer Vent Repair 

Be prepared and prevent dangerous dryer malfunctions by repairing first hand your dryer vents. When your old vents are damaged, make sure to grab a repair service to avoid greater cost of damage. We utilize our expertise to ensure that the new dryer vent is installed and repaired correctly. Our goal is to improve your dryer ventilation while protecting your home for possible dry fires, mold growth and overheating. 

Get your vents repaired today to be free of tomorrows sorrows! 


Dryer Roller Replacement 

Damaged dryer rollers can give you clothes with black smudges. We do not want that right? If you hear thumping noises while your dryer is on, that is a good sign that your rollers are worn out and damaged. It is now the best time to call for professional help. 

Replacing of dryer rollers is no simple job for anyone does not have mechanical expertise. Our company is your trusted service for any dryer problems, especially with your roller needs. Our dryer roller service provides removing of internal and external roller parts and replace them with new ones. 

Your clothes will be back to fresher and cleaner ones when you call an appointment with the experts. 

Give us a call today and get your roller replaced!


Dryer Repair Service Near Me

Which local company offers good dryer repair services near me?

Do not for companies near me anymore because we have been always by your side. For any dryer repair problem you need, we are here to give repairs and solutions for you. 

We know just as how important for us to have good image and appearance to other people. And the first thing to consider for that is nice clothes. Your outer appearance reflects what is inside. Make sure to always keep your washer and dryer at its best condition.

Avail our maintenance services and repair services for any problem!

Dryer Repair Regina
Dryer Repair Regina
Dryer Repair Regina
Dryer Repair Regina
Dryer Repair Regina